Purificar BB contains various kinds of dietary fiber, highly soluble calcium lactate, casein phosphopeptides (CPP), ume plum concentrate, brown sugar and other health ingredients, which help you supplement dietary fiber and calcium that you lack in your diet. Along with natural health ingredients, Purificar BB adjusts your physical functions and maintains health. Purificar BB is a product of innovative revolution, alleviates your body’s burdens, supplements calcium in your body and easily adjusts your physical functions.

To ensure perfect quality of Purificar BB, we have selected a biotechnology factory which is one of the few in Taiwan’s science park with pharmaceutical facilities. The one hundred thousand level dust-free air conditioning filtration system and the medical level purified water manufacturing system with the function of dual bacteria and impurities filtration are adopted in the production control area. The factory has passed the certification of ISO 22000 quality management system and HACCP.

Eating a balanced diet is important to health. Diets high in calories and fats are known to increase the risk of atherosclerosis leading to cardiovascular diseases. Diets low in fiber and complex carbohydrates are known to increase the risk of cancer, diabetes and gastrointestinal diseases. Following the nutrition guidelines of low fat and low salt and increased fiber and Calcium in the diet helps decrease the risks of major Non-communicable disease, namely cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus and cancer.